Saturday, August 18, 2012


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Sexy goddess Ellen Chan Nga Lun yesterday appeared on the Cable program Ladies' Night and talked about the film industry's hidden secret of "getting close to the director for screen time". Ellen admitted that she knew about this hidden rule and even admitted that she would fight for more screen time with the director. Ellen said, "I would ask the director to dinner and ask, 'Can I have more time in the film?' and communicate how I should play the scenes."

Ellen recently in a film played a mob Big Sister Big who specialized in training a group of female assassins who got close to their targets then killed them when they least expected it. Ellen felt that beauty was a female assassin's greatest weapon. "When men see pretty girls they are already dazed, when they are messed up you can take action!" Ellen agreed that pretty girls had an edge because people liked to look at pretty things. She personally appreciated the pretty exterior because looking at what was inside. Ellen even shared her exclusive "electrocution" secret. She said that the highest state of electrocution was being inadvertent. Even when she saw a guy she liked in public she definitely would not take the initiative. She would have ways of making him notice her though. First she would sit somewhere he could see her, then she would inadvertently run her fingers through her hair and use body language to attract him. Very soon he would come over and talk to her. Ellen even revealed that she was very picky, as she has never been "electrocuted" by any man. She thought men who did that made her sick.

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