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Chapman To Man Jat, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, DaDa Chen Jing, and director Pang Ho Cheung two nights ago went to a Causeway Bay cinema for their film VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET)'s audience appreciation. When everyone appeared at the cinema, the audience was rather excited. Ah Jat, Pang Ho Cheung and Cheng Chung Kei even used foul language and told dirty jokes. Cheng Chung Kei in the film had to grab Susan Shaw Yam Yam's chest. To Man Jat two nights ago revealed that Ronald asked for that scene to be added, which cracked up the audience. Chen Jing did not chime in and only fanned herself from the side.

VULGARIA's cumulative box office has already reached 3 million and won the Audience Award Best Asian Feature Silver Prize at the 16th Montreal Fantasia Film Festival as well. DaDa admitted that she was very happy about the film's good box office. Speaking of the abundance of foul language in the film, she said that she did not need to say any. She saw how enthusiastic the audience was and she was very happy. Director Pang Ho Cheung was pleased with the film's good performance. He even promised to take the cast on a holiday, but the actors suggested going to gamble in Macau instead. To Man Jat suggested, "If the box office passes 20 million, ask the boss to take 1 to 2 million for a lucky drawing. The boss works in the Macau gambling business and has different concepts about money. Maybe the lucky drawing will be very terrifying!"

To Man Jat complained whenever his oral sex scene with DaDa got intense, director Pang Ho Cheung would yell cut. Cheng Chung Kei joked, "I had it pretty good too, I got to touch Shaw Yam Yam's chest."

DaDa joked that after making the film her foul language was much more fluent. "In the film I originally didn't use foul language, but I couldn't help it. Now I am thinking more in foul language in my mind." Cheng Chung Kei joked that he never used foul language. "Now I have a daughter at home, so I use foul language less. I haven't told the Old Lady (Sammie Yu Sze Man) that I touched Shaw Yam Yam's chest. She probably won't be jealous, Sister Yam Yam is of the master class." Pang Ho Cheung said, "The audience recognition is the most important. A female fan couldn't attend because she had to take care of her son. Thus she wishes that school will start soon. I too want the new film to be able to run until September."

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