Sunday, August 19, 2012


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Chen Bo-Lin and Ivy Chen two day ago promoted their film SILENT CODE in Ximending. They attracted almost 1,000 people. Ivy Chen screamed through a bull horn "Come out and face us!" and went to the premiere stage with Chen Bo-Lin, Puff Kuo (Kwok Shuet Fu), Hsiu Chieh-Kai and others. Because female lead Ivy Chen was busy working in the Mainland, she has not been promoting with the team and did not appear until before the film release. At the press conference not only the host but also co-star Chen Bo-Lin kept poking fun at her. Host Mickey Huang said, "The scene in which you argued with Ivy Chen over the phone gave me the goosebumps, you really hate Ivy Chen right?" Chen Bo-Lin said, "Right, she doesn't make any appearance." Ivy Chen could only apologize.

Mickey Huang still did not spare her. "Hey Lady, everyone has already been to (Tai) Pei Chung Nan and almost died from heat. They have suffered enough, hurry up and comfort them. Why do you think today you have to sweep the streets?" Ivy Chen said that she has been screaming all along the way and lost her voice. She said, "My voice is like this, I have come to face everyone, what more do you want?" Mickey Huang finally let her go.

In addition, Aga Tsai and Chen Bo-Lin's Taiwanese educational films were very popular online. Ivy Chen said, "My Taiwanese is much better than Chen Bo-Lin's, why didn't you ask me?" Chen Bo-Lin joked that if the film will be a hit, the sequel will be in Taiwanese.

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