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Hu Ge in the film DIVA played a blind masseur who developed a relationship with music diva Joey Yung Cho Yi. This film will be released on the 16th and confronted Tony Leung Chiu Wai, who also played a blind person in the film THE SILENT WAR (TING FUNG JEH). Was he confident about beating Wai Jai? He said, "No, Leung Chiu Wai is my idol, a god in my heart. I have liked him for years. His acting is amazing. Although some people feel that his characters are pretty much the same and look the same, as long as you look at them seriously you would know that they are not. They have variations."

Was Wai Jai his target, winning awards repeatedly in film? Hu Ge said that he studied drama at the university, he did not have to be a very famous star. He only hoped to have a little achievement in performance. Like Wai Jai he would like to be recognized, with awards to prove his acting. Hu Ge also loved the stage and hoped to perform a play next year. He said, "After graduation I haven't returned to the stage! Someone has approached me before, but I was too busy with work. My heart for the stage is getting stronger and stronger, hopefully next year I will be able to fulfill the wish."

Hu Ge in the past mainly worked on television series and all were costume series. He felt limited. This time he had a chance to make the modern film DIVA and play a blind person for the first time, he was very exciting. However he said, "Playing blind is very hard! Although before hand I watched some movies with blind characters, and at home I closed my eyes to feel around with my hands, but during the official shoot the director didn't allow me to cover up my eyes, wear sunglasses or roll my eyes to perform. I had to keep my eyes open and made them without spirit or focus. Ultimately I am normal, my eyes often unknowingly showed spirit. So I had more bad takes." He also in order to bring life to the masseur learned to give massages at a friend's spa. Did his friend arrange for men for him to study with? He laughed and said, "How do you know? That's why when I was giving a massage to the naked Joey I was a little embarrassed. Luckily I have studied it before. I believed that my massage techniques were professional and not overboard."

In the film he had romantic nourishment, but in real life his love life was blank as he has been single for two years already. He said that he did not stay away from love, but since he was already 30 he was not as causal as he used to be. Now he would consider it more cautiously and felt that he would date only people he would marry.

He claimed to be a traditional man with a very strong family value, thus he wanted to find someone outside the industry. He said, "My life circle is so narrow, finding a girlfriend outside the industry truly isn't easy. Leave it to fate! My parents aren't rushing me to wed, instead my friends are more worried. They often introduced girls to me at events, it's so embarrassing!" Hong Kong male artists loved busty female Mainland stars. Did he have to find a girlfriend with a good figure as well? He humorously said, "Good figure, good for birthing." He felt that the figure was unimportant. The most important was the first impression.

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