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Director Pang Ho Cheung after hits film LOVE IN A PULLF (JI MING YU CHUN GIU), LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) ran into the chance to make "Ren Jai" with co-productions. However he was afraid that the next generation would look down upon him for "making movies for money". Thus he was wiling to make the sacrifice and less money in order to persist with pure Hong Kong films. He invested 8 million to make the category III madcap Hong Kong film VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HET KEI). With producer Chapman To Man Jat's personal bestiality experience illusion, foul language, female star elevation secret elements expose all in one, he film released grievances along with the audience. However, he still could not believe that he and To Man Jat argued over DaDa Chen Jing's chopstick scene.

Pang Ho Cheung said, "DaDa's 'poking', intimate scenes went very smoothly. Yet a street stall scene got me all riled up! DaDa in that scene had no dialogue, she only needed to feed a girl with chopsticks. Actually she didn't know how to use chopsticks, finally the scene took all night to shoot." To Man Jat said that the despised elders teaching others how to act, but he could not stand DaDa getting scolded. He could only lend a helping hand with chopsticks. "DaDa couldn't learn no matter what, Pang Ho Cheung kept yelling. So it was my turn. After the shoot, I sent a text message to yell at Pang Ho Cheung for yelling at actors on the set. I hate that the most!"

To Man Jat has been on the receiving end of DaDa's lack of chopstick knowledge and lack of memory for dialogue, thus he was not surprised when he read the news that her book had incorrect words. DaDa awkwardly said, "This time was a lesson, I never thought that life details would affect my performance. I had a lazy pronunciation, before the shoot I already read newspaper to improve. Yet on the set I was nervous and flubbed, dragging To Man Jat into the bad take. I was so guilty I broke down in tears." DaDa played the "popping candy" and the "poking" scenes, which broke through her sexy limits. "In the scene at home I wore a tank top and played video games was very reasonable and natural. I had to trust in the director to be able to do this." To Man Jat revealed that the director during the shoot had the "air conditioning blasting", forcing DaDa's outstanding "poking" effect.

In the "Guangxi Fancy Feast" scene "Guangxi mob boss" Ronald Cheng Chung Kei forced film producer To Man Jat into bestiality and eating wild game. It was both one of the film's climax and also his real life story. Pang Ho Cheung said that the incident hid in his mind for 10 years and finally was made into a movie; as for whether To Man Jat got intimate with the donkey, the audience was left with room for their own imagination. To Man Jat joked, "Before getting into the business I was a debt collector, once I collected a big debt. The boss was very happy, and treated us to wild game. He even said he booked a donkey for us to enjoy. However I like the movie was 'blacked out'. The later scene in which I found my memory was completely the director's creation."

The "man donkey intercourse" idea satirized the hardship behind how film producers made movies. To Man Jat lamented, "I have met a big director who was more grotesque than the donkey. He held the boss tight and said 'you are my red sun'. I have also heard a boss forced a big director to drink. After he drank he gave jobs to the several dozen people in the crew, which was very touching. At first I thought being a producer had a lot of benefits, like director Wong Jing at work was surrounded by girls. Maybe it's because I am broke, I still have to 'kiss up and take it from below'. However when I use an idea several dozen people can work and eat, I am very satisfied."

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