Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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South China Film Industry Workers Union founding member, honorary vice chair, famous producer and director Chan Man earlier passed away at the age of 91. The viewing will take place on September 10 and the funeral the next day.

Chan Man was full of passion and dreams for the Hong Kong film industry in his life, from Kwong Ngai to Sun Lian to Sil-Metropole, he participated in, directed or produced over 100 films and worked with the likes of Patrick Tse Yin, Chow Chung, Ka Ling, Nam Hung on numerous occasions. Chan Man over the years has built quite a foundation for the film industry and tirelessly helped the younger generations. His work as a director included SHE MARRIED AN OVERSEAS CHINESE (TONG SHAN AH SOH), BROTHERS (SAU JOOK CHING SUM), DRAGNET (999 HOI TAN MING ON), THE PRODIGY WHO CAUGHT THE THIEF (SUN TUNG JOOK CHAK GEI), THE CONSPIRATORS (SUN TAU CHING CHAK), THE DREADNAUGHT (TEET DAM), COLOURFUL PARTNERS (CHUT CHOR LAN HING LAN DAI) and DUEL OF DEATH (SAI BUT LEUNG LAP).

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