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DaDa Chen Jing and Susan Shaw Yam Yam two nights ago put on their costumes and promoted their film VULGARIA (DAI JOOK HEI KET) in Mongkok. DaDa appeared in a low cut look, while Yam Yam nont oly put on the evening gown from the film in which Ronald Cheng Chung Kei touched her chest but also a tall nostalgic hairstyle. They gave away popping candy, fans and tee shirts on the streets as the crowd fought for them.

Shaw Yam Yam said that earlier she agreed to appear for audience appreciation when the box office got close to HK$20 million. Thus last night she dressed up. "This head (wig) is very hot and heavy, luckily the typhoon hasn't arrived yet. Otherwise, I would be blown left and right."

Yam Yam said that this was her first promotion in Mongkok. How did it feel? She said, "I am very happy. In this lifetime I haven't had so many people staring at me. When I stood next to DaDa, usually others would start at DaDa. However this time everyone was staring at my head, I beat DaDa."

DaDa said, she felt very happy to learn about the ideal box office performance. Speaking of the director treating the crew to a vacation, DaDa said that she wanted to go to Japan and even to an audience appreciation in Australia because the film will be released there. Was DaDa worried about being taken advantage of during the gift distribution? She said, "No, I think everyone wants candy more. I am very 'vulgar'. If you try anything I would slap you."

In addition, Yam Yam said that because she will have to work on a film in Yunnan, she might not be able to attend the Tokyo Film Festival with the team. She had no regret, though, the most important was the award.

Speaking of awards, DaDa said that the director will decide whether it will be nominated. She did not hold out much hope, ultimately she was a new comer. Will she wear a bikini to Mongkok for audience appreciation if the box office reached 30 million? She said, "That is too lame. This time I am giving, next time with 30 million I will feed (candy)." Yam Yam said, "I believe the audience would like to be fed, it would be sweet for a lifetime."

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