Thursday, October 11, 2012


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Irene Wan Bik Ha went all out for the Emperor Motion Picture TRIAD (JAT JIK)! Aside from performing only in undergarment, she even got vicious and in one scene slapped her subordinate Deep Ng Ho Hong. During the scene she even dropped her mild mannered side and slapped Deep with full force, leaving five finger marks on his face.

According to the crew, Irene originally was afraid of hurting Deep and held back. Yet due to frequent bad takes, she viciously slapped Deep hard for realism! Afterward Irene was deeply apologetic to Deep, "I was afraid that if I didn't hit hard enough the result wouldn't be good and we had to try again. Deep would hurt for nothing. Instead, I might as well viciously slap him! Finally the slap was so loud that it stunned all of the crew! Later everyone said that they did not dare to cross me, as they were afraid that I was beat them to death."

As for Deep he joked afterward that he was "thick skinned", thus she was not afraid of being slapped a few more times! He said, "As for the result was ideal it was fine. I saw Sister Irene after slapping me was shaking unconsciously. She even kept taking deep breaths and was teary eyed. In comparison to my face, I was more worried about her reaction."

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