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Peter Chan Ho Sun's first autobiography MY WAY released its Mainland edition yesterday in Beijing. Chan Ho Sun's new film AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA actors Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao, Tong Dawei, Du Juan attended in support and presented him with his favorite chocolate. Chan Ho Sun was so touched that he was teary eyed. Chan Ho Sun's father Chan Tung Man not only wrote the foreword for his son's book but also appeared yesterday at the press conference.

Papa Chan in the 50s was a famous screen writer as well. In early 60s he was a newspaper editor. In the 70s he directed the film THE BODYGUARD (CHET DAM HO HONG), which in 2009 Chan Ho Sun adapted into BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS (SUP YUET WAI SING). Chan Ho Sun said that he always saw his father as a "partner" in his life because Father was able to give him opinions. He said that when he published this film, he asked his father to write the foreword only the night before the draft was due. Papa completed it in half a hour.

Papa Chan said that he did not know when his son decided on film to be his lifelong career. When he found out he immediately stopped him and told him "hard, hard, hard!" He said, "Ho Sun was the name in memory of his mother giving birth to him under a difficult birth, I didn't expect it to become his life's prophecy." He pointed out that he too has walked this road and thus retired. He never thought his son would be so brave and has already left a lot of performance amid successes and failures. Papa Chan also pointed out that his son's flaw was excessive self confidence, ambition, and aspiration, often running into unexpected obstacles and setbacks. However he has fully supported Chan Ho Sun's persistence in film, whether he succeeded or failed, because he deeply knew that his son was someone who walked an unusual road. Even if he ran into setbacks he would not give up his own way.

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