Tuesday, October 30, 2012


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Luisa Lai Chi San's program BEST ACTOR earlier interviewed Huang Xiaoming in Beijing. About the nickname "China's top young actor", Huang Xiaoming felt that it was not suitable and gave him a lot of pressure. He felt that being described as a "good man" would be more appropriate. Speaking of his "chok" look, Huang Xiaoming said that he used to want to be handsome, but he has already passed the "chok" age. Being handsome was for the need of the film.

Huang Xiaoming also shared his several traffic accident experience. He broke his leg and he also has lost consciousness. When he had his second car crash, his then girlfriend even realistically left him and broke his heart. However he also had to thank her. Because of that he completely changed and became more easy going. Lai Chi San asked him he was so handsome, why would he be dumped? He felt that a woman's heart was the hardest to grasp in the world. He said that he looked tough but he was very soft inside. He valued relationships and two romances made him felt as though his heart was being cut. Did being in show business change his view? He said that a lot of things were not absolute, forever and a lifetime were very hard to guarantee. Yet he would work hard toward that direction and hope that his story would be a fairy tale. When asked whether he would publicize his romance, he said "it depends on my mood".

Was his current relationship joyous? He said that he was a lucky one and hoped that everyone around him would live happily. He also said that he liked to fulfill other people's dreams. Recently on someone's birthday he booked a very beautiful restaurant and decorated it attentively to create a princess fantasy rose garden. Was that the most recent? He admitted it was. As for what he looked for in a mate, he said understanding, kind, filial and attentive. He said that for now he still had career goals and marriage would not be his first choice. He also said that he was the only son and would want children. Huang Xiaoming also said that in school he had a crush on Vicki Zhao Wei. She had a boyfriend at the time and they were never together.

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