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William Chan Wai Ting and Michelle Wai (Si Nga) worked together on the category III film TRIAD (JAT JIK), which will be released next month. Their back alley kiss scene recently has been unveiled. Was William worried that his girlfriend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin would be jealous? William said, "We kissed nonstop from dark to light, I would rather work on a fight scene then a kiss scene!"

In TRIAD Wise Guy William and his younger colleague Si Nga had a relationship. The director even arranged for them to be in a back alley kiss scene. Facing the wet and dirty back alley William often joked to ease the mood. He said, "Actually the environment was pretty dirty. In the scene I had to pick up Si Nga then put her on a wooden box and kiss. I was very afraid that she would lose her balance. I had to kiss while help her keep her balance. It was very hard!"

In order to coordinate with different angles, they had to shoot the kiss many times. They never thought that they would work on it for 5 hours. Their lips were numb. Si Nga admitted that William pushed her to the wall and her back took a beating. She said, "Luckily I was very familiar with William, it didn't get awkward."

William said that a kiss scene was not as lucky as people would imagine. With many cameras and workers and the long time for intimacy, it was very tough. He said, "We kissed from dark to light, which actually was very tiring. No one would think that it is lucky to make a kiss scene. I would rather work on fight scene and take a beating!" He said that after the kiss scene he had to work on many scenes in which he was beaten up. "After the joy come a lot of pain. The director absolutely wouldn't let me go so easily."

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