Monday, October 15, 2012


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Lau Siu Ming's wife Cheung Wai Ling passed away at the age of 72 last Friday. Ming Sir was heart broken about his wife's passing. His friends and family have been by his side, hoping that his sorrowful emotions would gradually settle down. This was also what Mrs. Lau wanted.

Since Mrs. Lau was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, Ming Sir has always been by her side and almost half retired from show business. He spent most of his time with his wife and fought the cancer with her. Mrs. Lau also deeply sensed Ming Sir's meticulous love.

Friends in show business and cultural world knew Mrs. Lau. When they learned about her illness they visited her at the hospital. They included Damien Lau Chung Yun, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Choi Sown Le and others. Unfortunately Mrs. Lau succumbed to cancer and passed away last Friday. Ming Sir and their two children and closest family members were by her side. Ming Sir was inconsolable and very reluctant to part, but he knew that he could not give up and had to properly live on. His wife never gave up in her final moment. Mrs. Lau's funeral will be a Catholic ceremony and take place at the end of the month in Holy Cross Catholic Church.

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