Sunday, October 21, 2012


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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu earlier attended the 34rd New York Chinese Film Festival. Two nights ago they even attended the China Night event. The Hong Kong actors received the Most Outstanding Asian Artist Awards. Sing Sing received the award from 5 time Emmy award winner Alan Alda and gave a speech in both Chinese and English. "I want to thank the event for present this award to me. Thank you everyone for the approval and recognition. I hope to through this opportunity to thank every viewer for the support and love." Celebrating his birthday on the 26th, Sing Sing was very excited to receive this award and believed that it was one of his best birthday presents.

Kwan Yu received the award from the event chair Sid Ganis. She did not forget to be humorous in her speech. She said, "My last name is NG, but in my acting profession I have to remember no NG (no good: bad take). I have to come up with ways to be my best. 2012 is my 30th anniversary in the business, receiving this international award at this moment to me is especially meaningful. Although I have a lot more I want to say, I believe everyone must be starving. I am too, so I won't say anymore!" Sing Sing and Kwan Yu congratulated each other back stage. Kwan Yu revealed that because she would be busy with her new film, she would fly back to Hong Kong in the middle of the night.

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