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The Luisa Lai Chi San program BEST ACTOR interviewed Nicholas Tse Ting Fung who has not accepted a TVB interview for six to seven years. Chi San even visited Tse Ting Fung's Beijing company to discuss his years of experience. Speaking of his business, Ting Fung said that at first he mortgaged his first property to open a four person company. Why was he an invisible boss for eight years? Tse Ting Fung said that he wanted to prove that his company had substance and others did not work with them because of him. He also pointed out that Hong Kong film and music businesses are on a decline and even reach a stage of no succession. He felt that Hong Kong had singers and actors but no "star".

Ting Fung said that he was very enthusiastic about action movies, but they left him with both old wounds and new injuries. He said that his health condition is not great now. At 29 he started to have arthritis. The doctor even said that at 35 he will need help from others to walk. He said that his biggest failure was not making enough time for his parents. Once when the entire family dined together, his younger sister Jennifer Tse Ting Ting said, "Papa eat, Mama eat, Gor Gor eat" and he immediately shed tears because he for 13 years have never said that.

Ting Fung also said that handling romance was also his weak spot. Speaking of his relationship with Faye Wong, he said that her "diva" identity has never existed in their relationship. As for its end he said that it was a process in life. Speaking of Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, although they got together after a lot of trouble they still parted in the end. He said that everyone still needed a stage to mature, but their relationship now is good. In front of their children they are still parents. Speaking of what about Pak Chi that attracted him, he pointed out that it was her personality of daring to love and hate and how kind she was. As for the chance for a reunion, he replied, "No way, I am sorry to say it's true." However he still appreciated Pak Chi for still speaking well of him in front of their children so his relationship with them was unharmed. He said that his separation from Pak Chi had nothing to do with her picture with Edison Chen Koon Hei on a flight after their sex photo scandal. He never saw the photos and felt that trusting the person in the heart was enough. Was he afraid that his sons would be like him and had pressure from their parents' fame? He said that he would worry but believed that if they were able to walk out of their shadows they would be real men. He even wished that his sons would be good people and contribute to the society at the right time.

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