Sunday, October 14, 2012


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Oscar Leung, Mandy Wong
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Oscar Leung Lit Wai yesterday modeled at a fashion show with Mandy Wong Chi Man. Wai Wai later will work on Wong Jing's new version of YOUNG AND DANGEROUS, in which he will play Chicken. He said that for now he only knows that Jacquline Chong Si Man will play KK while Paul Wong Koon Chung will play Uncle Bee. He will even sing the theme song. wai Wai said, "This time YOUNG's male cast is a few years younger than (Dior) Cheng Yi Kin and others." He also praised Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's YOUNG AND DANGEROUS THE PREQUEL as a classic as well. Online comment about the new film poster of the entire cast in white looked just like a Korean Boy Band. He laughed and said, "A Boy Band is good too! Korean group Big Bang is quite a hit!" He also said that turning YOUNG AND DANGEROUS into a boy band was decent as well, like earlier Siu Chun and Ekin performed as a YOUNG AND DANGEROUS group.

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