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Sandra Ng is prompted asked for money after this photo
Aaron Kwok
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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Aaron Kwok Fu Sing received the State Administration for Radio, Film, and Television Movie Channel program center and Chinese American Arts Council to attend the 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival. The film festival even held personal segments for both.

Ng Kwan Yu attended the Sandra Ng film festival segment's audience meeting. She answered audience questions in Putonghua, Cantonese and English and gave away autographed photos and posters. Kwan Yu this time selected ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW and JULIET IN LOVE for the audience to appreciate her outside the world of comedy. Kwan Yu said that ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW was the first movie in which she played a mother. She was attracted to director Alex Law Kai Yui's script to be willing to make the break through performance. Every draft she read she would be moved to tears. Veteran international star Lisa Lu Yan even flew from Los Angeles to New York to attend the event and watch Ng Kwan Yu's movie. She said that Kwan Yu was one of the younger actors who she enjoyed. When Ng Kwan Yu learned that the elder was watching her movie, she rushed into the audience for a photo with her.

Kwok Fu Sing went to a Broadway performance as soon as he got off the plane, without any fear of exhaustion from the over ten hour flight. They will even receive "The Most Outstanding Asian Artist Awards" later.

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