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The director is very demanding about Edward Chui's character, thus he is auditioned after several dozen people.
Patrick Tam
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William Chan Wai Ting, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and Edward Chui Woai Tung in the Emperor film TRIAD (JAT JIK) played different level Wise Guys. The trio in order to play their roles well did their homework, during the shoot they once were mistaken for real Wise Guys! William revealed in an interview a small secret of Patrick Tam Yiu Man. William said, "When we were on the location shoot we ran into real mob figures who collected protection money. When real and fake Wise Guys were in the same place, the feeling was very hard to describe. Tam Gung (Tam Yiu Man) who was played the boss immediately left his character, but after that he needed some time to be able to get back into the character. Because when it happened the extras who played his subordinates in the film all left, it was very hard to get back into it again."

William gave his all to play the Wise Guy role. On his first day he was beaten until his mouth and face were swollen. William said, "I told my co-stars to fight their hardest, after one punch I was already dizzy. Then they still had to hit for several hours, half my face was swollen!" Because half his face was bruised, the director at first thought was make up and asked William to lighten his make up. William did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Did his girlfriend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin's heart ache? William sounded like a chauvinist. "What a man does at work is none of the woman's business, no matter who consoles me my work won't be affected."

Aside from a lot of fighting, the film of course has brotherly love. William, Tsang Kwok Cheung and others praised each other for their loyalty. Tsang Kwok Cheung said, "Earlier when I directed LOVER's DISCOURSE (LUEN YU SHUI YU), he worked for 48 hours without sleep and still came over to help me. I haven't heard a single complaint from him, he is very loyal."

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