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Tony Leung Ka Fai accepted BEST ACTOR host Luisa Lai Chi San's interview. He talked about friends in the business. He and Andy Lau Tak Wa were in the same training class. Once they were assigned to play Chow Yun Fat's subordinates. They designed special characteristics and finally the crew scolded them with foul language in return. Aside from training class classmate Lau Tak Wa, another friend was Gor Gor (Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing).

Leung Ka Fai said that at first he and Gor Gor could not get along. Gor Gor even felt that he was pretending to be aloof and was promiscuous. Later because Gor Gor loved badminton and met Leung Ka Fai's relative, Gor Gor realized that his opinion of him was wrong. After clearing up the misunderstanding, their acting chemistry reached a new level. Meanwhile the director who Leung Ka Fai admired the most was Sammo Hung Kam Bo.

Speaking of his rumor with Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, he said that when he worked with her in New York on the film FAREWELL CHINA (OI JOI BIT HEUNG DIK GWAI JIT). He felt that working overseas for a woman was very tough, so he took care of her. Actually back then Leung Ka Fai's wife also tagged along. His wife and Cheung Man Yuk were close in age and both studied in England, so they had some things in common. After the rumor Leung Ka Fai once suggested less contact with Cheung Man Yuk as he did not want to affect her, but Cheung Man Yuk did not mind and made him feel that being able to find a good friend in the business was truly rare. He also shared how he and his wife Kong Ka Nin met. Back then they were both working at Radio Hong Kong and he fell in love at first sight with her. They dated for half a year and decided to wed. At the time he only had HK$8,000 in his saving account. "We bought the rings, rented a hotel suite, invited a dozen or so friends to dinner. That was our wedding ceremony." Before Lai Chi San was in the business Leung Ka Fai pursued her. She said, "Once Leung Ka Fai was about to pick me up after school, but in the last time he was called away and he asked a friend for help. His friend brought flowers to the school, and the principle yelled at me." Leung Ka Fai said that at the first Lai Chi San was young so they did not continue on.

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