Tuesday, October 23, 2012


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Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) twon nights ago appeared at a Causeway Bay cinema for her new film LOVE IS...PYJAMAS (NAM YUN YU YI FOK). This was Lynn's second collaboration with Teresa Mo Shun Kwan. She said that she has learned a lot from Sister Mo and would see her as her target of study. Recently Lynn has been resting, later she will go to Hangzhou for her Lunar New Year film. This year will be Lynn's fourth Lunar New Year film, she thanked Raymond Wong Pak Ming for giving her a chance and a raise. Will she ask to work with different actors in the Lunar New Year film? Lynn admitted that she looked forward to working with substance and handsome actors, and she would be learning from them. Will she have any kiss scene in the new film? Lynn said that in the past she did not have any kiss scene in the Lunar New Year film. Was she banning them? Lynn said that she had kiss scenes in her Taiwan series.

As for her Hong Kong kiss scene, was it the one in the Aaron Kwok Fu Sing music video? Lynn said, "You remember that too!" With Sing Sing's upcoming birthday how will Lynn celebrate with Sing Sing? She said, "I wish him Happy birthday, today in every year, and this morning at every age, just like the song says." Will they celebrate the birthday together? Lynn said that she will not tell reporters.

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