Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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Paul Wong is full of smiles when he mentions his daughter
Simon Loui says that Paul Wong and Athena Chu's daughter is very pretty
Law Chung Him, Oscar Leung
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The new father Paul Wong Koon Chung yesterday began work on the new film YOUNG AND DANGEROUS RELOADED (GOO WAT JAI ji GONG WU SUN DIT JUI) with Law Chung Him, Simon Loui Yu Yeung and Oscar Leung Lit Wai in Causeway Bay. Around 6PM they moved to Kwun Tong to continue the shoot. Paul looked tired and thinner but was full of smiles when he mentioned his daughter and wife Athena Chu Yan. He revealed that as the date grew near under the doctor's suggestion Chu Yan had a C-Section and gave birth to the 6 pound 10 ounce baby daughter. Since the baby girl just got home for two days, Paul wanted to look at her more before deciding on a name. He said, "As soon as I hear her cry I would get up, one night I would get up 10 times. Although I am tired I am very happy. I have already learned to make the bottle and change diapers. Actually it's very easy but it requires patience. When you feed her she may vomit, so I have to stop and clear the gas. After that I want to keep feeding but she is already asleep, so I go back to sleep. As soon as I fall asleep, she wakes up. Luckily I am ready so I am fine."

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