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The film TAICHI HERO (TAI GIK 2 YING HUNG GWUT HEI) is in release. In the film Tony Leung Ka Fai played a well skilled but strange behaving clan leader. Yesterday he along with his "daughter' AngelaBaby appeared in Xian.

Baby appeared in black with eye catching blue streaked hair. She said that her marriage in the film with Yuan Xiaochao was completely under her father's order to achieve "yin yang harmony"; she also joked that actually she was the sassy "hubby". On their wedding night she asked Yuan Xiaochao to sleep on the floor. They were only a couple in name but actually were master and disciple. She was merciless with him and even more vicious than a man. In the film two different types of men had relationships with her. Baby said that each had his advantages. Fang Zijing (Eddie Peng Yu-yen) is tall, strong and well learned, very attractive to girls; Yang Luzen (Yuan Xiaochao) is very simple and honest and would spend the rest of his life with you. When asked how she would choose in real life, she said, "If in life I haven't run into someone I love, I wouldn't choose. I would rather be without than be promiscuous."

Clan leader Leung Ka Fai also spoke of the alternative father and son relationship with "older son" Feng Shaofeng. In the film his son preferred mechanics over martial art and even left home. Father and son have been at odds for ten years. Finally Feng Shaofeng operated his unique weapon design "Heavenly Wing" to return and save Chenjiagou. Father and son finally in prison came to an understanding.

Father of two daughters, Leung Ka Fai admitted that when he read the script this father and son relationship deeply touched him. He even said, "My daughters are very attentive and understanding. Sometimes they would even whine to you. Of course sons are good too. Look at the son in the film, although he was very rebellious he still saved his family in the end. He didn't disappoint me and truly was very touching for me."

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