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Eric Tsang guest stars
Ekin Cheng helps Wilson Chin fulfill his dream
Leo Ku shows his rare funny side
Chin Kar Lok takes over for the young dancer
Jerry Lamb takes the place of RUNNING MAN host Yu Jae-Suk
Wilson Chin relocates the dance sequence out of the MTR platform
Wilson Chin gets blasted with trash instead of snow
JJ Jia dances in the MTR
For budget reasons, Wilson Chin moves the stable scene to a Hong Kong Jockey Club off course betting branch
Wilson Chin moves the bus dance to the Hong Kong flavored tram
Wilson Chin has his Angel Army as his dancers
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Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Leo Ku Kui Ke and director Wilson Chin Kwok Wai spent several thousand on a local version of GANGNAM STYLE, HONG KONG STYLE, which spread like wild fire online yesterday. The lead Chin Kwok Wai jumped from off to on camera as the trio directed. Other participants included Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Chin Kar Lok, JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun) and "Angel Army". The video has been called as "luxury version secondary creation".

Ku Kui Ke posted HONG KONG STYLE! online. Chubby director Chin Kwok Wai impersonated PSY's dance routine and asked buddies to work on the 4 minute music video. Gei Jai online explained that this music video was created because he and Ekin knew their friend Chin Kwok Wai wanted to perform on screen when he first got into the business. Thus they decided to fulfill his dream.

The music video had many funny shots. Chin Kwok Wai looked 70% like PSY. The opening beach sequence had Chin Kar Lok instead of a child dancer. PSY's stable dance sequence due to budget reasons was switched to an off course betting branch.

Korean group 4minute member Kim Hyuna's dance sequence on a train became JJ's in the MTR. As for the parking lot sequence, Lamb Hiu Fung dressed up like Korean game show RUNNING MAN host Yu Jae-Suk. The elevator scene was the bright spot of the music video as Tsang Chi Wai, Ekin and Gei Kai personally performed.

Chin Kwok Wai joked that he was being pranked. Actually, Gei Jai and Ekin wanted to direct, so he had to play the dancing singer. "Lately Hong Kong has experienced a lot of unhappy events. On our free time we wanted to give everyone positive energy and happiness, so we immediately decided to make this music video." The directors were Ekin and Gei Jai. Chin Kwok Wai named Chin Kar Lok to the cast because he was able to not only fight but also dance. The music video took two days to shoot. Because everyone on and off camera were volunteers, the cost was only several thousand. Their "flash" production in MTR took only a few minutes.

"One day the two 'directors' Cheng Yi Kin and Ku Kui Kei went to work out together, during that time they saw the GANGNAM STYLE video. They said, 'He really looks like Wilson!' and agreed to ask me to make a video. They even said that they would flip things around, I would dance while they would direct. They even 'dared' me, saying that if I danced, they would dance too. Finally we all messed around together."

Some online complained that Chin Kwok Wai was not as bouncy as PSY. He joked, "I only had ten minutes to rehearse!" Will he release a second version? He said that the production was very tough as he finally experienced the feeling of an actor being yelled at by a director. "Ekin and Gei Jai would yell at me. They are considering releasing a production special".

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