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Jackie Chan's CZ12 (SUP YI SUN CHIU) two days ago held a press conference. Director and star Jackie Chan, producer Wang Zhonglei and new "Chan Girls" Yao Xingtong, Zhang Lanxin, Laura Weissbecker, and Liao Fan all attended. The Bird's Nest also for the first time changed for a film as it opened the five story Dragon Ladder as a salute to Jackie Chan.

CZ12 is Huayi Brothers and Big Brother Jackie Chan's third collaboration. Earlier ROB B HOOD (BO BUI GAI WAT) and FORBIDDEN KINGDOM both performed at the box office and on word of mouth. After three collaborations, Wang Zhonglei said that he had some new experience with Jackie Chan. Actually he liked to whine. He took out a mobile phone and read a "whining" text message from a year ago from Jackie Chan between the tough production. "Good Brother, the weather has not been great these few days. It's been quite a rush. On the cloudy day from 6:30AM I alone was in the shoot, the whole time on wires and in mid air. In the afternoon for lunch I was finally lowered. Today's temperature was only two degrees Celsius, 280 big fans blew at me as I flew in the air. Even my face changed shape. I think this is a great idea for beauty treatment for girls! You can imagine how cold, how bitter, how tired and how much pain I am in! I didn't even eat lunch because the fan and the wires give me quite a headache. After lunch I have more hanging and flying just keep rush rush rush! At night with all the spotlights I am still at the shoot, finally finishing at 10:30PM. After work I still have bid farewell to a big group of fans who haven't eaten, tolerated hunger and cold and waited outside all day with autographs and photos. Around 11;45PM we finally ate. Then a big group of people came to my room to discuss post production. Originally I thought I would be very excited about the completion, but everyone was very lost as the movie that took seven years to prepare and over a year to produce has finally come to an end! This is something that people like you who are in the office all day, with heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, speculating stocks in air conditioning, spa and massage after lunch, red wine and cigar after dinner, BS and womanizing can't experience!"

Wang Zhonglei said that at the time because of the international number he had no idea who it was, so he replied "who are you". Later Jackie Chan jokingly sent a "whining" text message, "Brother, I just left you for one short month and you already forgot about me. I am risking my life to work for you in Lativa and you ask me who am I! Let me tell you who I am now! I am your partner and director, screen writer, action director, lead actor all in one. People of different races around the world only has to see the hair, the shadow, the action, the nose, hear the voice to recognize the world film, television, music action Heavenly King class international global superstar. Who do you think I am?" Big Brother Jackie Chan said that because the CZ12 production was too difficult, after 52 years in film it was the first film that tears fell after completion. When the crew yelled "wrap", he immediately left. He was afraid that if he stayed longer he would cry. He said that he rarely cried, even when he broke his leg. Truly because it was very exhausting he would. Those not on the set would not be able to experience that.

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