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Luisa Lai Chi San's program BEST ACTOR interviewed Nick Cheung Ka Fai. Before joining the business Cheung Ka Fai was a police officer. He became a cop because he wanted to investigate cases and carry a gun, but in the end he was unable to become a part of the criminal investigation department, felt that he was unable to put his expertise to use and switched jobs. Cheung Ka Fai signed with TVB for two months before going on indefinite vacation. He said, "TVB, sorry, I was thinking of quitting even though I signed." He pointed out that at the time he was absent and did not know what he wanted. Coincidentally his relative passed away and he had to go to South Africa, so he lived there for eight months in a comfortable setting. The pressure and the displeasure earlier from when he worked at ATV for five years were all released during that period. That vacation prepared him to return to work at TVB.

Speaking of returning to TVB for a series, he said that if the schedule would be right and the script would be good it would be negotiable. Back then he originally agreed to make WHEN HEAVEN BURNS (TIN YU DEI), but finally the production was postponed and his schedule did not work. Cheung Ka Fai also revealed that when THE BEAST STALKER (JING YUN) was released he disguised himself with a hat and fake teeth to go to the movies and observe audience reaction. Once he ran into Wong Jing at the cinema lobby, he asked him what movie he was going to see and Wong Jing did not recognize him.

In 2009 he became emotionally disturbed while working on the film RED RIVER in the Mainland. He said that he was not too used to the local life and hygiene. Once he had a few bites of his meal before discovered a cockroach that was the size of half his thumb. At that moment he wanted to "jump out the window and die". When his mood was at its worst during that year, he did not want his family or friend to call. He just wanted to finish this film. Speaking of his friends Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Francis Ng Chun Yu were recognized as "the meanest and the hardest to take", Cheung Ka Fai described Wong Chau Sun as "nagging". He said that they did not need to nag between the. Often they did not need to speak and the other would understand. With a third party, someone they could not immediately coordinate. However they found this type of chemistry.

Cheung Ka Fai has been married for years. He remembered back then Esther Kwan Wing Ho was the prettiest top actress at ATV but he was not playing the lead. He said, "Madness of youth. I felt Kwan Wing Ho was the 'most capable in the entire station'. This one definitely had to be it."

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