Friday, October 12, 2012


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Law Chung Him and Cilla Lok Tung yesterday attended a shoe event. The petite Lok Tung in flats looked even smaller next to Law Chung Him. Him Jai will work on the Wong Jing directed YOUNG AND DANGEROUS RELOADED (GOO WAT JAI), which will start production today. He admitted that having to play a classic character like Chan Ho Nam truly was very stressful. He said that he just received the script recently and that this performance mainly be will be a salute to Dior Cheng Yi Kin, not to surpass him. The story is being remade. Has he watched Ekin's YOUNG AND DANGEROUS film series? He said, "In secondary school I have already watched a series of YOUNG AND DANGEROUS films. Sometimes I would fantasize myself to be Chan Ho Nam. The old series was too successful, hopefully mine would disappoint everyone."

Him Jai also said that he has never met Ekin and did not know whether Brother Jing will arrange for them to meet. He said that his character should have foul language but less passion scenes. Would he recommend his rumored girlfriend Tavia Yeung Yi to Wong Jing to play Smartie? Him Jai joked, "She is big big Smartie, I am just joking." He pointed out that this installment would not have the Smartie character. As far as he knew the film will have a new actress as a rich girl character. If this film will become a hit a second one will be made, but will his pressure not be even greater? Him Jai said, "I too feel I am 'flying blind', but with a second installment I will be able to improve my acting."

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