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Eric Tsang jokes that he has to quit his vegetarian diet to be Chin Kar Lok and Angela Tong's wedding host
Nick Cheung breaks his finger during a fight scene
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Eric Tsang Chi Wai earlier appeared on Luisa Lai Chi San's program BEST ACTOR and talked about how he got into the business and his struggle. Chi Wai's voice was his trademark. He said that when he was little he liked to sing Cantonese opera and was trained to sing the female part. Later his voice turned this way. He joked that this was pretty good too because it was representative.

Speaking of marriage, Chi Wai pointed out that his first marriage happened when he was 19. At the time his parents wanted him to be married. Before marriage he already told his first wife that he felt that he still did not have enough fun and wanted her to give him three more years to play. Finally in less than three years, his first wife could not tolerate him any longer and ended his first marriage. His current marriage is great. Chi Wai also said that his three strongest suits are drinking, crashing cars and sleeping. He remembered that once he was drunk, a restaurant employee woke him, said that his friends already left and asked him to pay the bill. After he paid, his friends appeared and laughed since the meal has not even started yet. He also pointed out that he would easily fall asleep when he was driving. Once he drove home and asked a friend to chat wit him. When he got home, he thought he was fine and kept talking. In a few minutes he crashed the car into the gate in front of the house. Once he even ran the car up a tree. When he was working on a movie, after every shot he was able to fall asleep on the ground and could not be waken up no matter what.

Speaking of god friend Alan Tam Wing Lun, he said that their families' friendships spanned multiple generations. When about his friends constantly targeting him, Chi Wai joked that now everyone can present incense to him because he already reached the altar and his position was way up there. As for another friend Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Tsang Chi Wai said that just let him claim to be the best at everything and he was fine. About Anita Mui Yim Fong, Chi Wai said that she was even more honorable than a man and was not afraid of authority. He admired her never submitting spirit at work and in life.

In addition, the 55th Asia Pacific Film Festival planning committee executive chair Tsang Chi Wai and the 53rd Asia Pacific Film Festival Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai yesterday attended the Asia Pacific Film Festival press conference in Macau, where the event will take place between December 13 and 16. Chi Wai said that Macau was a great city that was very happy to successfully land this year's Asia Pacific Film Festival.

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