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Louis Koo sprays Lee Sinjie
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The 21st will be Louis Koo Tin Lok's birthday. Currently shooting the Pang Brothers directed INFERNO (TOH CHOOK SUN TIN) in Thailand, Goo Jai two days ago received a surprise birthday part on the set. However he unknowingly found out and pretended to be surprised.

INFERNO during its over two months of production in Thailand shot a series of explosions, fire and flooding scenes. Goo Jai in order to save Ching Wan bruised his arm; Ching Wan had to wear a heavy fire fighter uniform under the scorching sun and even had to hang in mid air. They were both exhausted physically. With Goo Jai's birthday on the way, the team secretly arranged for an outdoor birthday party for him and ordered two birthday cakes. Recently they ran into 15 days of vegetarian diet in Thailand, they followed the tradition and prepared vegetarian shrimp dumpling, pork dumpling and fruit. Originally a surprise, Goo Jai found out about the party. However he still "acted" and pretended that he was surprised as he celebrated his birthday in advance with everyone.

Terence Siufay led everyone in a birthday son rendition. He even invited Sinjie to sing a Malaysian birthday song. Goo Jai could not wait to open the champagne bottle and toast everyone. He even mischievously sprayed champagne at everyone and sent them scattering. Goo Jai happily said, "This is already the fourth cake I have received for this year's birthday. This time I spent an alternative birthday overseas. Originally everyone wanted to surprise me, but I found out about it long ago! Haha, my birthday wish is working smoothly and wish for good health, world peace and joy everyday for everyone."

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