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Dior Cheng Yi Kin earlier accepted the BEST ACTOR host Luisa Lai Chi San's interview. Cheng Yi Kin said that his "fun loving" nature has never changed since he started in the business. He thought that his character could not be changed. He felt that in an entertainment career first he had to entertain himself to be able to create entertainment for viewers.

Lai Chi San said that Cheng Yi Kin gave people a "good man" image. Back then he also promised to take care of Maggie Siu Mei Kei for a lifetime but in the end he was unable to fulfill it. Has he thus changed his view on love? Cheng said no, his parents wed with their first relationship. He even said that that was a mistake. He originally hoped to be able to do it, but after growing up he realized that life was not that simple. Everyone had a different experience. Speaking of Gigi Leung Wing Kei, he said that he would describe their relationship as "powerful" and that the relationship left memories. However a relationship depend on both parties and had many elements. It was not so simple. Speaking of Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, he admitted that they will wed next year. He also said that her "fun loving" personality was double him. When asked about what about Mung Ka Wai attracted him the most, he said it was destiny. "I feel it's her then it's her". He even said that two people needed to accommodate and cherish their relationship.

Lai Chi San said that Cheng Yi Kin was a very thoughtful person. She revealed that when she was dating him she received his identification card as a birthday gift because he said that he would give her his most valuable thing. As for pleasant surprises, Cheng said that a thoughtful memory only needed to be done once. Repeating it would be meaningless. Lai Chi San said that today's Cheng Yi Kin still has the same personality but with more stability. She even congratulated Mung Ka Wai on being able to meet this stage of Cheng Yi Kin and enjoyed his best side. She wished them forever joy and happiness.

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