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Known as "Mr. Cool" Louis Koo Tin Lok accepted the TVB BEST ACTOR program interview. Actually before joining the business Goo Jai has worked many jobs, one of which was a summer job to wash frozen meat. He was asked to wash a basin of skinned snakes. He was so scared that after a day he quit. Later he was a manager at a modeling company and guest starred as the male lead in many music videos. Once he brought a model to TVB for a Miss Hong Kong promotional short film, an artist department employee saw that he looked decent and suggested for him to join the business. A year later because his modeling company closed, he officially joined.

The dark Goo Jai said that he liked having a tan because it felt healthy. In addition, he never liked to appear on camera with make up. The only way to appear on camera without make up was a dark tan. Because his tan easily fades, he would have to get one every two to three days. Speaking of bidding farewell to television, his main reason was his body would not take it anymore. When he made A STEP INTO THE PAST (CHUM CHUN GEI) he was very ill; the company also objected to his comedy route but he felt the series had a lot of more room for development. Thus he took the initiative to add in many funny elements, like in a costume scene he called Jessica Hsuan (Suen Huen) "bitch". He also suggested to wear a tee shirt under the costume, only later he got sick and did not have the energy to add more. Will he head to Hollywood? He said, "I am fairly certain I won't." Now Hong Kong film is declining, he should think about how to revive it. As female lead choices are fewer and fewer and successors are hard to find, if he goes to work in Hollywood Hong Kong would have one less actor.

Goo Jai has many friends in the business, but the most unexpected is he and Big Brother Ti Lung are very close. He felt that Big Brother Ti Lung carries himself like a big hero and is very supportive of Hong Kong film. He would watch every Hong Kong film and provide sincere opinions. If he does not perform well enough, he would hear from him directly. He revealed that Big Brother Ti Lung once asked him to visit Mongkok in hopes of experiencing life. He said that this way would drive the pedestrians very crazy, truly "either you or I die".

Goo Jai had few rumors, one of which was music diva Sammi Cheng Sau Man. He said that now he is the happiest that she is willing to eat. In the past she focused on work too much and felt that looks were very important. Now she is more focused about what is inside. Others thought that she would be hard to get close to, but Goo Jai worked with her from television to film and thought that she was very easy going and communicate with. He praised her as a girl who is full of energy, vigor and vitality. However speaking of choosing a lover and wife, his first choice would be Sandra Ng Kwan Yu because her humor will split people's belly; she also puts her daughter first. She truly is "perfect".

Goo jai said that he was the happiest about being able to go on vacation with his father. When he made BURNING FLAMING (LIT FOR HUNG SUM) his father suffered a stroke and was on the brink of death. Now he is already healed, he has lost a part of his memory and become more like a child. He even shared some of the embarrassing and funny parts of his vacation with his father, which are beautiful memories.

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