Wednesday, October 31, 2012


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Anthony Wong
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Actor Lau Siu Ming's wife Cheung Wai Ling passed away earlier. Ming Sir who has been married for 50 years yesterday held a memorial at the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Sai Wan Ho. Friends Damien Lau Chung Yan, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Sunny Chan Kam Hung, Amy Kwok Oi Ming, Chung King Fai, Melissa Ng Mei Hung, Perry Chiu Woon and Ursule Wong Yu Sze came to pay their respect. Yesterday the ceremony was Catholic. Ming Sir revealed that later the burial will take place at a Catholic cemetery. During the farewell ceremony, Ming Sir was very sadden and wiped his tears with tissue. He also walked over and touched the photo of his wife in his son's hands. Later he also walked over to the coffin in silence. Ming Sir's daughter greeted family and friends. Ming Sir was asked whether his emotions have settled. He said, "Starting today it is a little better. My mood keeps on changing. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is very strange." He admitted that he was reluctant to part. The passing of his wife made him lose a lot because he has always relied on his wife's support. He said, "I constantly would work in show business, we have been apart more than together. Now the scenes cannot appear again, but because of her a lot of beautiful memories and scenes are left in life."

Ming Sir said that he and his wife had many happy days and that as his wife departed she still encouraged him. He said, "She said I was a dancer of dusk and sunset glow. I shouldn't after her passing feel that it is a mourning. She told me to live in the evening glow. I was very touched." Ming Sir also said that after his wife passed, recently he found a blade of grass at the Peak. He said, "The grass was like the one that we made a promise to each other when we were in love. I took a photo of this blade of grass and put it in the memorial program in memory of her." Will Ming Sir take a break from work? He said, "Many friends say that emotions will never settle, I can only rely on work to be able to increase motivation." Chan Kam Hung said that he was Ming Sir's "teacher" because over ten years ago they performed a Buddhist play in Singapore. At the time he played Ming Sir's teacher. After that time they often met. Kam Hung said, "They were the model couple. His wife was even the female role model, family came first for her. Ming Sir's wife took care of him before. When she was sick, Ming Sir was a dutiful husband and took care of her. Although it was sad and I too am a little sadden, he also felt joy. Because this moment is very perfect, it wasn't the sudden passing type."

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