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Show Luo will be a part of the film along with online rival Anthony Wong
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi who has not released a film in awhile yesterday met the media in Beijing with Huayi Brother chief Wang Zhonglei. Earlier the not yet titled film confirmed its official title SAI YAU GONG MOR BIN (JOURNEY TO THE WEST: DEMON TAMING CHAPTER) and will be released in the February Lunar New Year slot.

Since CJ7 Chow Sing Chi has not released a new film in 4 years. Thus the press conference attracted over 100 media outlets. Sing Yeh who has not appeared in a long time could have passed for a model. The press conference announced a teaser trailer and two posters. In the trailer the Monkey King had its back toward the camera and faced the challenge of the giant Buddha's palm. The short one minute teaser displayed the JOURNEY TO THE WEST story's fantasy pedigree with special effects and space of imagination that viewers will look forward to.

The pure slogan poster had "Ten thousand years are too long, seize the day. As soon as the king appears he is invincible" The quote came from Mao Zedong but also answered Sing Ye's CHINESE ODYSSEY "Love you ten thousand years" classic line. The host asked Chow Sing Chi, "You used to be willing to wait ten thousand years, now why do you think they are too long?" Sing Yeh replied, "I was too young then!"

This film was also Wang Zhonglei's second collaboration with Chow Sing Chi. He felt that only Chow Sing Chi was able to coordinate with the JOURNEY TO THE WEST story. "His character and scene handling are never what you expect!" Sing Yeh was in a good mood at yesterday's press conference. After the teaser was shown, he deliberately asked the host in Cantonese, "How was it?" The host was pleased and answered in less than fluent Cantonese, "Good!" The host finally asked Chow Sing Chi about his expectation of his new film. Sing Yeh said, "Viewers' happiness is the most important!"

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