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"Song God" Jacky Cheung Hok Yau recently received his good friend Andrew Lau Wai Keung's invitation to sing the theme song for the film THE LAST TYCOON (DAI SEUNG HOI). After the song debuted on the radio, it received an overwhelming response from listeners and fans everywhere. They praised heavily Hok Yau's near perfect singing and influence.

When Hok Yau learned that Chow Yun Fat will play a gun toting mob boss in this film again, he already thought it was rather attractive. Without reading the lyrics, he immediately accepted Lau Wai Keung's invitation. Hok Yau said that Fat Gor has been his idol for year, in particular he liked his God of Gamblers and gun god image. He has always wanted the chance to play mob bosses with Fat Gor. He said, "Fat Gor rose to fame with his on screen performance, I rose to fame with my off screen singing. I hope Fat Gor would like this gift from a fan."

When Fat Gor learned that Hok Yau would sing the theme song, he praised that Hok Yau's singing would definitely add flavor to the film. At the same time he also joked about the reason that he has not yet released any music in recent years. "Back then when I met Cheung Hok Yau I already felt that he would become Song God. I saw the situation was to my disadvantage, decided to immediately retire from music and focused on my movies. I never thought that later he came to compete with me for the Best Actor." Fat Gor even planned to secretly go to the recording studio to listen to Hok Yau, but he was found out and stopped. He could only wait for several more days.

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