Thursday, November 29, 2012


Stephen Chow receives a TVB 30 year service award but obviously  has not picked it up
Wayne Lai receives the 10 year service award from Lee Bo On
Nancy Wu receives a 10 year service award.  Executive Tsang Lai Chun cheers her on.
Lau Kong receives his 30 year service award.  He just renewed his contract.

Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Nancy Wu Ting Yan, Lau Kong, Lai Lok Yi and other artists two nights ago received TVB's long term service awards. Norman Leung Nai Pang, Lee Bo On, Chan Kwok Keung, Lady Lee Hau Wo and other executives attended.

Artists who received the 30 year service award include Lau Kong and Stephen Chow Sing Chi, who has not appeared on a TVB program for a long time. Actually Sing Yeh still has a contract with TVB. Although he was absent from the award ceremony, the "30 year award" still awaited his pick up. Back then Sing Yeh went to work in the film industry but still had a TVB contract. Because getting him to return to TVB for a series was harder than ascending to Heaven, the contract was extended indefinitely and he could only be "tied" to be a part of TVB.

The 10 year award recipient Lai Yiu Cheung said that the 10 years since his return to TVB fulfilled "life has many decades". Did his goal for the next 10 years include winning Best Actor repeatedly? Lai Yiu Cheung said, "Hopefully! After this time I still want to. Confidence is uncertain, the most important is making more good shows and working hard to improve." He joked that over these 10 years he toiled to raise his son.

Fellow 10 year award recipient Wu Ting Yan was very happy to receive a Best Supporting Actress nomination for GLOVES COME OFF and was confident about winning. Speaking of the rumor of rekindling the old flame with Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming in Europe while working on TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES II, Wu Ting yan said, "We have already become the past, now we are good friends. When we saw reporters we expected to be written about and didn't need to deliberately avoid them. My boyfriend wasn't jealous either. He knows we are good friends, but industry outsiders would have feeling for some poor choice of words. I hope after awhile we will be fine."

Veteran actor Lau Kong revealed that his TVB contract has been renewed. "After working here for so many years, I have a feel for it. Others say TVB is bad, but the company has treated me well and provided a lot of challenges. In addition with my image I probably wouldn't be abused." He said that the contract extension came with a raise and he was satisfied with the salary. Eric Tsang Chi Wai was also on the list for a 20 year service award.

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