Monday, November 19, 2012


Film company issued a statement about Huang Xiaoming's injury
Fan Bingbing 
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Mainland star Huang Xiaoming yesterday had an accident while working on the film BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR (BAK FAT MOR NUI JUEN ji MING YUET TIN GOK) and broke his leg. He also suffered from scratches and bruises and currently is hospitalized in a Beijing hospital. Huang Xiaoming was conscious when he was rushed to the emergency room and appeared to be stable.

The film recently began production in Beijing and starred Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming. Jacob Cheung Chi Leung was the director and Tsui Hark the art consultant. At the time Huang Xiaoming was working on a wire scene. When he reached 3 meters above ground, he suddenly lost his balance and fell. The left side of his body landed first and thus his left arm and leg could not move. The crew immediately stabilized his left arm and leg first and rushed him to the hospital. From the initial diagnosis, his broken bone situation for now was not serious.

According to the doctor, Huang Xiaoming's left leg has already been diagnosed as a comminuted fracture. The overall injury level required more in depth examination. Huang Xiaoming's mother rushed to the hospital when Xiaoming arrived.

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  1. Huang Xiaoming is one of the greatest chinese actors of all time. Absolutely love his acting as the villian in the movie The Sniper 2009. Looking forward to watching more of his movies in future.