Saturday, November 24, 2012


The massive crowd scares Stephy Tang
For For, Stephy Tang, Sita Chan
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun, Sita Chan Hei Yi and director For For yesterday promoted their new film LOVE IN TIME (DUT NGOR OI NEI) on the streets of Mongkok with ice cream. Stephy was late due to traffic and with her recent move her driver was unfamiliar with the route.

Stephy said that she has not been to Mongkok in a long time. When she was little she liked ice cream very much and thought about opening an ice cream shop. Yet after growing up she thought a dessert shop would be better. When has it not happened yet? She said, "I don't know how to handle finances. I am quite a piggy, I give all my money to Mama to manage." Why did she not ask boyfriend Alex Fong Lik Sun to help? She said that Siu Fong liked art and was only average in business. Has she been swindled before? She said, "It's like lending money but not repaid type, so letting my family manage it is a little better."

Stephy admitted that no romantic film has been released for awhile so she was confident about the new film. He said that lead actor Bosco Wong Chung Chak was very busy, often he did not have time to promote and needed her to take his place. She joked that he would have to treat her to dinner to make up for it, the best would be ten meals. Stephy said that the chemistry with Wong Chung Chak was great this time. Did she feel Wong Chung Chak could get along with any girl? She said that she did not know, she only knew that they got along. She joked that after taking this promotion for him, she truly had to consider next time carefully. If they were able to promote together it would be better.

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