Monday, November 26, 2012


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Sonia Sui and James Wen two nights ago attended THE FIERCE WIFE Hong Kong premiere. Sonia Sui said that she would only stay two days in Hong Kong so she would not have time to visit and shop. She could only order a variety of Hong Kong food to enjoy back in the hotel. James Wen already had the pork chop bun but not the pineapple bun yet. As for THE FIERCE WIFE film version, they both were confident about the Hong Kong box office. Sonia Sui said, "Before coming to Hong Kong, fans already asked about the Hong Kong release date. So we should have supporters." James Wen joked that if the film would become a big hit he would come to Hong Kong to shop and contribute to the Hong Kong economy. Will FIERCE make a sequel? He felt it would not. James Wen said that he has already worked with Sonia Sui on five films already and joked that they were a professional couple. Sonia Sui said that each time she worked with James Wen they did not have a happy ending. She hoped that next time it would be a good ending.

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