Sunday, November 18, 2012


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Anthony Wong Yiu Ming since coming out of the closet this year has been active with gay rights activities. Two nights ago he attended the 23rd Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2012 opening and received an award to honor his past contribution to the gay community. Two nights ago the film festival invited many overseas film professionals to attend. The award that Wong Yiu Ming received in the past went to director Stanley Kwan Kam Peng.

Wong Yiu Ming and Denise Ho Wan Si in the past week participated in a protest to fight for gay rights. Wong Yiu Ming said, "Past activities were just a start. Last week at the Legislative Council we saw that anti discrimination laws couldn't even be discussed. The fight I believe will be rather lengthy, hopefully it will be discussed more through the community." Earlier the city forum also discussed gay rights but the religions strongly responded. Wong Yiu Ming said, "Religious groups' focus is very different, so I didn't think it was strange."

Ho Wan Si's high profile coming out reportedly affected Joey Yung Cho Yi who was linked to her in rumors. Wong Yiu Ming said that he did not know about Joey's situation. He said, "If Joey has any problem she would ask him, she hasn't yet so she should be fine." After Ho Wan Si's coming out she reportedly had a lot of pressure. Wong Yiu Ming said, "She says that she doesn't have a pressure. She stood out because she wanted to speak up for the crowd. After she said it she was comfortable and fine, which was different from she spoke up for her personal feeling."

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