Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Alan Tam holds a birthday banquet for his mother
Nat Chan puts birthday buns on Eric Tsang's chest, much to the amusement of Alan Tam
Eric Tsang has to be "carried out"
courtesy of mingpao.com

Alan Tam Wing Lun two nights ago held a birthday banquet for his mother and invited his friends, including Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Nat Chan Pak Cheung. Chi Wai who "drinks when he is there, and drunk when he drinks" earlier did not collapse at Kenneth Fok and Sam Lee Chan Sam's wedding banquets, but two nights ago Alan and friends got him drunk and had a little fun at his expense.

Ah Lek put birthday buns on the unconscious Chi Wai's chest and friends teamed up to carry him out of the venue. They even said that he needed to operate on Chi Wai. Chi Wai truly was so drunk that he was at their mercy. If he woke up and found out that his "bed photos" were posted on Alan's microblog, who knows if he would regret drinking too much.

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