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Yesterday Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Dior Cheng Yi Kin promoted MY SASSY HUBBY (NGOR LO GUNG NG SUN SING) in Guangzhou. Ah Sa joked that Ekin was a "preserved man" who has not changed in 10 years, while Ekin said that he had a chance to watch Ah Sa's pole dancing in close distance in this film and had a lot of fun.

Joyce Cheng Yun Yi in the film played Ah Sa's cousin who was quite a bitch. The character was quite a challenge to Yun Yi. In a swimming pool party scenes she even had to wear a sexy swimsuit. Yun Yi said, "This character was sassy and wild, a chance to play this type of character to me is a dream come true. Having to wear a swimsuit in the film, I feel sexy is an attitude. I don't care about how much cloth it has."

Ah Sa and Yun Yi played the typical Hong Kong women and got along well. "Yun Yi is funny and open minded, the real her is very lovable and sweet." She continued her character's personality from 10 years ago, she would kick someone into the pool when she saw injustice. In the film she saw a model threw champagne on Yun Yi, she immediately kicked the model into the pool. Yet the model's friend kicked her into the pool as well. Luckily Ekin saved her just in time.

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