Saturday, November 24, 2012


Grace Ip reveals that the couple toasts with grape juice
Daniel Wu becomes the human background
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Edmond Leung gives the OK sign when he leaves the banquet but calls in "sick" the next day
Grace Ip and Eric Kwok rush to the after party right after the wedding banquet
Helen To 
Yumiko Cheng and boyfriend Andy
Wilfred Lau leaves after two hours
Despite the drug rumors, Eric Kwok and Grace Ip have a sweet wedding banquet
Conroy Chan and his wife Josie Ho have no comment to the drug rumors
William Chan 
Charlene Choi 
The new couple's video touches Gigi Leung
Eason Chan avoids the crowd and leaves through another entrance
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Eric Kwok Wai Leung two nights ago held a make up wedding banquet with his wife Grace Ip Pui Man. The venue was decorated with a cherry blossom theme and even had 2 10 foot tall cherry blossom trees in the background, thus many guests waited in line for photos with the new couple. When the wedding banquet began, a video of the new couple's wedding proposal last year at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Eric even "censored" their kiss scene.

When the couple arrived, guests applauded and cheered. Then the new couple cut the five layered cake on the stage. Many videos were played during the event, many of which were the side of Eric that few knew about from his youth, including his performance to an Alan Tam Wing Lung song at age 12 and being "Ip Man" possessed with a group of friends as he kicked his friends. A cartoon about a prince defeating a dinosaur to rescue a princess had Grace and Eric's childhood head shots.

The bride's wedding gown and evening wear were all Johanna Ho designs. After the banquet Eric who rarely wore a wedding ring discovered that it vanished. He looked everywhere and could not find it. Yesterday morning he returned to the hotel for a carpet search but still could not find it. Luckily a worker found the ring in one of this suits. Actually when Eric went to the bathroom he removed the ring and put it in his pocket, but later completely forgot about it.

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