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Chin Kar Lok, Aarif Rahman
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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Tony Leung Ka Fai starred new film COLD WAR (HONG JIN) has 12 days in release in Hong Kong has made HK$27 million so far and even 183 million yuan RMB in the Mainland. The film company two nights ago celebrated with a big crab banquet. The lead actors led Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Terence Yin (Wan Chi Wai) and Chin Kar Lok in the celebration. Speaking of his girlfriend Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)'s sexy calendar shoot, Sing Sing praised Lynn as a super model and was pretty in any shoot.

Two nights ago film company boss Bill Kong Chi Keung put in 38,000 for the lucky draw. Ka Fai and Sing Sing also put in 8,000 each. Leung Ka Fai continued to make fun of Sing Sing and girlfriend Lynn's overseas holiday and joked that he has never been the Maldives. Sing Sing only said that he never said he has been to the Maldives. They also contributed to the lucky drawing prizes. Ka Fai said, "We walk the beat! We definitely have several tens of thousands in the pocket!" Sing Sing immediately praised Ka Fai and joked, "Now this is an elder! You see how much he is making!" Sing Sing did not leave until the end and posed for photos with the media and the team. Sing Sing later said that the success of the film required coordination from all aspects. He looked back at LOVE FOR LIFE (JUI OI) that he spent all his effort thinking that he would be able to win an award but finally his dream went empty handed. Thus he felt the box office was especially important. Speaking of COLD's 27 million and was likely to break this year's Hong Kong film record of 31 million, Sing Sing admitted that he was full of confidence in the film. He stated, "If the film reaches 35 million at the box office, I am buying dinner!"

Leung Ka Fai also said that he has not attended a film celebration in ten years. Earlier when he made the Shaw film I LOVE HONG KONG (NGOR OI HK OI SUM MAN SHUI) it also held a celebration, but he revealed that so far he still has not been paid fully and stated that if he went to the celebration he definitely would not have forgotten. "I have been in the Hong Kong film industry for 30 years, I have known and crossed many people and understood each organization's rules of the game." He even joked that all of Hong Kong owed his money because some did not go to the movies, some even made counterfeits. Would he consider working on another Shaw film? He did not directly respond and only said that he would participate in any good Hong Kong film production. As for pursuing the salary, he declined to talk further. "I have a lot of debts to collect." Last week at Chin Kar Lok's wedding banquet Ka Fai reportedly kissed a fashion director. He avoided the subject and only said, "What is so surprising?"

TVB executive Elaine Lok Yi Ling said about Leung Ka Fai's salary, "No way! Is it true? It's been so long, the check has been issued." She said that she would take a look at the contract and joked, "Last time at the banquet I saw him, why didn't he say anything to me?"

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