Friday, November 23, 2012


The new couple wears sneakers with their traditional costumes
Luckily Eric Kwok has plenty leg hair when the bridal party demands to pluck it.  

The groom's party suffers with fake feces
The wedding has a cherry blossom theme

Eason Chan, Wilfred Lau, Edmond Leung
Eason Chan makes a face on the other side of the glass

Daniel Wu
Annie Liu
The couple provides food for the media
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Eric Kwok and Grace Ip challenge recent drug rumors: show us the video!
Eric Kwok and Grace Ip hold a make up wedding ceremony at their first wedding anniversary
Eric Kwok and Grace Ip kiss three times during the wedding
Grace Ip takes the red wedding sedan to the Kwok home
Josie Ho led the bridal party with vicious games for the groom's party
Edmond Leung and Wilfred Lau put quite an effort into the games
Eason Chan oversleeps and escapes the bridal party abuse
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Yeung
Deborah Li, Patrick Tse
Charlene Choi, Yumiko Cheng, Lillian Ho
Karen Mok
Ella Koon drops off her gift before rushing to work
After picking up the bride, the couple arrives at the groom's home for tea ceremony
The couple prepares cupcakes as gifts for guests
Gigi Leung is rumored to be pregnant
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