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COLD WAR (HONG JIN) has already been officially released on November 8, since then it has received good reviews. Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei's schedules were tightly packed but they dared not slack off. Not only have they promoted in the Mainland and Taiwan, they took an entire day to shoot the Hong Kong promotional photo.

The actors kept chatting as soon as they saw each other. Kwok Fu Sing and Leung Ka Fai attended Mainland promotions with directors Longman Leung Lok Man and Sunny Luk Kim Ching and even the Busan International Film Festival opening ceremony, much to the envy of Yeung Choi Nei. This time the film company invited Wing Shya (Ha Wing Hong) to shoot the promotional still. The two mischievous and humorous Best Actors after the shoot wanted to dance with Yeung Choi Nei. After each photo they rushed to the photographer and asked to see the result. Sing Sing and Choi Nei even said that Leung Ka Fai's expression was funny, Leung Ka Fai then could not help but joked with the two with a line from the film. "Although you two have dated before, you don't have to say the same thing and make me feel like a third party."

Sing Sing said that when he worked on COLD WAR, everyday was intense. At night he not only familiarized himself with the script but also got ample sleep, the secret of playing a character well. He said that he and Leung Ka Fai each led their own team and triggered a high ranking police internal storm. After several power struggle scenes with Leung Ka Fai he was somewhat exhausted. When he said each sentence he had to speak from the diaphragm, without working out he was still able to train his abs.

Choi Nei pointed out that working with Sing Sing and Leung Ka Fai this time, they were very focused from rehearsal to production. Sometimes they even forgot the existence of the outside world. With the very ideal box office performance, Sing Sing said that the sequel should be saved for later. He suggested that now all the actors should get together for a COLD WAR 2012 calendar. Speaking of the inevitable comparison between the two Best Actors, they might compete for the Best Actor again. Leung Ka Fai said, "Of course it's him, I have always won. The jury is tired of seeing me. Kwok Fu Sing has improved so much, I definitely would give it to him." Sing Sing was very humble. "I now actually am at ease, the audience recognition is the most important. It's not like six years ago when I made a movie every year I had to win. Now it's not like that, I feel acting is the job I am passionate about, the process is the most important."

In addition, Obama was elected to the Presidency again. Directors Leung Lok Man and Luk Kim Ching were pleased and even said that they already sent an email to Obama to congratulate him as well as to invite him to watch COLD WAR, because the film's inspiration came from the Democratic Primary battle between Obama and Hillary Clinton; yet they joked that Obama might be too busy and has not replied yet.

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