Tuesday, November 13, 2012


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courtesy of takungpao.com

The Angelababy starred film TAICHI HERO has already broken 100 million yuan this week. This film was also Angelababy's third film that was over 100 million in 2012 along with BLACK AND WHITE: THE DAWN OF ASSAULT and TAICHI ZERO. All three films were the Chinese film box office champions during their runs. Angelababy this time had three of a kind.

The three of a king performance surprised Baby. She said that she had a hard time imagining it and then said that now she feels everything during the production was worth it. She described the film production process as giving birth. "Every film production is just giving birth, needing to inject a lot of emotions and labor. Yet whenever the child is born, you would feel everything is worth it!" After 2012, Angelababy admitted that she was "in love with movies" and could not help herself. Currently she rather enjoyed the joy of being an actress. "In film I find new challenges and sense of achievement. I hope to try a variety of characters. I hope to play very different characters, to be able to experience more joy of an actress. It is still a lot of fun."

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