Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Louis Koo Tin Lok worked on the Pacific Century Cyber Work newly released Smart Living service commercial. Goo Jai and the third generation Canon model Melanie Z. yesterday performed a skit at the press conference to introduce the latest service product.

Koo Tin Lok said that yesterday they rehearsed for fifteen minutes on the spot. The lines were almost five pages long. He said, "During the performance I thought of Lo Hoi Pang, the most important was being able to help with the atmosphere. At first I was worried that the model didn't understand the Chinese lines because the commercial shoot had many out takes. Luckily we passed this time."

Koo Tin Lok also said that he has considered performing on the stage, but taking two months to rehearse was somewhat extravagant for him. He said, "I don't have that much time. (Johnnie) To Kei Fung also suggested for me to perform a play. So far I haven't had a chance. I never did one before. I can learn a lot from performing a play. If I have a chance I would first play a comedy like SHRIMP CRAZY FAMLY, but I won't consider a stand up comedy show."

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