Friday, November 30, 2012


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Cherie Chung Chor Hung is a cat lover, the earlier cat abuse case made her heart ache. She thought that cat abuser was too heartless and should be shot. "If it was me, I would execute him that person with a firing squad. Those people are too heartless, abusing such a fragile animal. This is the ugliest side of humanity."

Hung Goo two nights ago attended a white truffle event. She praised that white truffle was the best tasting in the world. "Once a year, I would shave some white truffle on top of eggs. My sense of taste is very sensitive. After having something outside, I am able to cook the same dish at home." Hung Goo did not want to restrict her joy of eating and thus did not become a vegetarian.

Artists were rumored to be using drugs at a restaurant. Hung Goo said, "Of course it's bad. Not only in Hong Kong, it happens all over the world. I try to stay away from drugs, it is addicted like smoking. Actually cooking can reduce stress. During cooking I have to be very focused, cooking for someone you love is even more meaningful. My love are my cat and friends."

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