Sunday, November 18, 2012


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The film LOVE IN TIME (DUT NGOR OI NEI) will soon be released. Actors Bosco Wong Chung Chak and Stephy Tang Lai Yun yesterday attended the promotion. Director For For and producer Paco Wong also attended. The actors shared the production experience, during which For For asked Wong Chung Chak, "Is imperfect love easier for people to remember?" Wong Chung Chak was surprised, perhaps he was unprepared for the question. For For immediately apologized and said, "Sorry!"

Bosco said that he knew For For was joking and explained that at the time he was thinking of an answer. He said, "Some flawed beauty is pretty good, I would remember it." He also said that old flame Myolie Wu Hung Yi was not in Hong Kong and he would invite all his friends to enjoy his new film.

Wong Chung Chak continued that the new film was very innocent. The leads did not kiss or hold hands, they only had one embrace scene that Stephy asked to add.

LOVE IN TIME will be released in the Mainland. Bosco and Stephy in the film played cousins, thus their characters needed to be amended. Stephy said, "The two versions have some differences. The Mainland was worried about cousins developing an incestuous relationship. Other scenes didn't need any cutting."

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