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Film stars Tsui Siu Keung and Shirley Yim (Shuet Lei)'s son Edward Chui Woai Dong has not been in the business for too long before landing an important role in the Emperor Motion Picture TRIAD (JAT JIK). The well toned Woai Dong is cast as a fighter. He said, "The character has two sides. Normally he is very innocent and very straight laced, but when he fights he is very vicious!" Woai Dong's personality like his character's was brave, which he admitted was the folly of his youth. In elementary school he often got into fights. "I couldn't sit still when I was little, I would fight for others. Luckily I only had superficial wounds. When my family found out of course they were mad! Grandma loves me the most, but gives me the hardest beating."

Still an acting rookie Woai Dong said that action scenes were easier than dramatic scenes. Speaking of his relationship with Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) in the film, they met while he rescued her. He joked, "We would get married and have children, but no intimate scene! (Do you want any?) Don't let it go to waste! A little would make the response even better!"

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