Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Irene Wan and her husband
Mr and Mrs Albert Yeung
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Irene Wan spends six hour on the butterfly tattoo and poses with her on screen first love Patrick Tam
Shirley Yim only gives a passing grade to her son Ediward Chui's performance
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The William Chan Wai Ting, Irene Wan Bik Ha, Michelle Wai (Si Nga), Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Edward Chui Woai Tung, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) starred film TRIAD (JAT JIK) two nights ago held its premiere. Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing and his wife, Vincy Chan (Wing Yi), Ken Hung Cheuk Lap and others showed their support. William admitted that he was very nervous and said that he already saw the film. He joked that people who did not like Chan Wai Ting should watch it. Was he afraid that his girlfriend Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin's heart would ache? He said that Ah Sa has not seen it yet. Why did he not invite her to the premiere? William said, "Today it's a man's movie, don't bother! If she is interested she can wait until she is not afraid of blood and gore first." William was asked whether he would like to work with Ah Sa on a movie. He admitted that he did not because he did not want his romance to turn into a film gimmick. Thus he will not work with her. He also said that he would like the film to have more than 10 million at the box office. Then he would streak on Temple Street with a bra on. He even joked that he wanted to streak for a long time. Would he patrol only in swimming trunks like Mr. Asia candidates? He said that he was not as cool as they are and he did not need to work out his chest, as the focus was already on his chest.

Si Nga appeared in diamond jewelry that was worth millions. She said that it was a company sponsorship. She said that wearing the jewelry truly had blood and tears. She said, "Actually I have always had pierced ears, but they closed up. For the jewelry, this morning I went to get them pierced again. The piercing master reminded me to remove the earrings after two days, otherwise the ears would be infected. Yet because I had to wear the jewelry I couldn't wait. When I removed the earrings blood was still dripping." Si Nga said that her birthday will be coming soon and it would be great for the jewelry to be her birthday present. Her birthday wish would be good box office performance for the film. How will she celebrate? She said that she did not know yet. She might have to work that day.

Wan Bik ha two nights ago appeared in a low cut dress. She admitted that she was nervous because she has not had a film release in a long time. She said that her husband came and gave her flowers. She said, "Tonight 60 friends came, so I am nervous." Was she worried that everyone would see her rough look? She said that she was not worried and was not afraid of scaring off her husband. However in the film she had a foul language and a rather extreme scene, in which a different her could be seen. Would she ask her husband for opinion after watching the film? She said that she definitely would. She also said that hopefully a Mainland edition would be made because she had many Mainland fans who wanted to watch it.

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