Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Jackie Chan in CZ12 after a scene of stealing a statue in a French castle had to play hide and seek in the garden maze with four Doberman. Big Brother tried his best to shake them but finally still had to use a glider parachute to complete the mission. Big Brother said, "After 100 movies, what opponent haven't I seen? In ROB B HOOD (BO BUI GAI WAT) I was even able to handle a baby, not to mention four Doberman!"

Big Brother and these four "actors" had more than chemistry. When they were not in a scene they would remain by his side as if they were Big Brother's bodyguards. Big Brother pointed out that these bodyguards actually liked to play ball and were truly very lovable. He felt that the most important part of acting with animals was patience. Before the shoot he played with them and had more exchanges. Eye contact was the most important. Finally one of them still bit Big Brother's finger.

The team was rather nervous and immediately gave him tetanus shots, but he screamed that he was afraid of needles the most and made the team laugh. Big Brother pointed out that to be more familiar with his four "actors" he bought a lot of snacks for them. However he only remembered to make arrangement for the shoot and forgot about the remaining scent of the food on his hand. Only then was he bitten.

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